Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again

Monday, January 2, 2017

In The Works

Several people have already responded with thoughts about what they might like to do this coming year. HOORAY! Residencies, performances, private observances with friends and family are some of the the ideas coming up. For those of you who have expressed a desire and commitment to participate, I invite you to be co-authors of the blog. A forum for discussion would be great. Please post any thoughts, ideas, questions- whatever you would like to discuss directly to the blog. Please introduce yourself.


  1. Hi all! I'm a long time public media person- reporter,producer,editor and trying to be more digital savvy. At the moment I work for KCUR - public media in KC,Mo. as a community engagement producer/reporter. I met Brenda when she taught a sound workshop in NY I attended and have been a devotee of her and her work ever since.

    I've been wanting to contribute to Daily Bell for ages and decided this year- w/ this new challenge - I will. I'd like to get a handful of people to a high place in KC to watch sunrise together- and mark it somehow with some kind of sound. I'm going to invite a super eclectic group of people- but haven't figured out yet how the sound will happen. Or what it will be. I always imaging big beautiful things and want to keep this simple so it will actually happen! But I'm committed! Eager to get to know others!

  2. Hi Brenda, nice to meet you Laura! I'm one of the old friends who have made Daily Bell a part of our lives. I don't see so many sunrises, but sunset time has become a ritual, to think of Brenda and her wonderful way of bring people together, to feel connected to those I love. I have some ideas for this year here in Barcelona where I live. I look forward to all the other things that get cooked up!

  3. Hello, All! I am a sound/conceptual artist currently based in the remote high desert region of far west Texas, near the town of Marfa made famous by Donald Judd.

    My current focus is on an interdisciplinary project I am calling the Tonal Relativity Series (TRS) - more here on that: I'll be presenting it in both its visual and auditory forms at Central Features in Albuquerque, NM – the show will open in the end of March and runs through the end of April, with performances/workshops at either end...I am thinking that Daily Bell event(s) will coincide well with this exhibition, and look forward to sharing it with the Albuquerque community! Thank you, Brenda, for many years' worth of inspiration, and for the invitation to facilitate a Daily Bell happening in 2017!

  4. Hi everyone, I'm a composer/sound artist based in Adelaide, South Australia, where I'm currently completing a PhD in Composition at Elder Conservatorium of Music. My research is looking at adapting the innovative field of soundscape ecology (as developed by Farina, Pijanowski, Krause, et al.) to a compositional framework, so as to produce creative responses to specific places, their ecosystems and soundscapes. I have a number of community projects also in-development, include the prospective establish of a Ruined Piano Sanctuary in my home town of Murray Bridge, SA (inspired by Ross Bolleter's Ruined Piano Sanctuary at Wambyn Olive Grove in rural Western Australia), and urban sound installations for the Adelaide CBD.

    This year, I've been incredibly fortunate to receive a professional development scholarship ( which will allow me to travel to the US (CA, OR, WA, AL, AZ, and hopefully time on the East Coast) and Canada (BC) in June to develop further skills in the area of environmental composition and sound art. Whilst in the Bay Area, I'm looking to spend some time with Brenda, and be involved in the dailybell project through participation in/documentation of various events such as the Summer Solstice Bell ringing at the Chapel of the Chimes. Look forward to learning more from each of you - certainly a exciting year ahead!

    1. Still learning my state abbreviations! AK, not AL!

  5. Hi, fellow fans of dailybell. I am a musician/music teacher in Albany, Ca. and long time friend of Brenda's. I'm excited to be part of this community in 2017, as I feel that nothing connects more purely and simply than the natural cycles of sunrise/sunset.
    My idea for 2017 is to pick a lunar month and to observe the moonrise and moonset each day. One of the images that thrills me is that of the solar analemma, the lemniscate pattern that the sun makes in its journey across the sky. Here's a link to everything you ever wanted to know about the solar analemma:
    My first thought about the moonrise/moonset cycle was to wonder if there is a lunar analemma. Of course there is and it's even a little more weirdly beautiful than the solar one (in my humble opinion) because 1) it happens over the course of 27 days rather than 365, and 2) because of the phases of the moon, the shapes morph predictably over the course of the lunar month. Here's a link to the lunar analemma :
    So beautiful.
    Here's my proposal, and if you're still reading, please help me keep this simple but effective, because my superpower is making things too complicated.
    I will mark the moonrise and moonset every day for one month by lighting a candle at the same location every moonrise, and taking a photo, and then by blowing a candle out at the moonset. Same location, different time every day.
    But....that's nice and all but doesn't create a visual image of the analemma/lunar phases, and so if anyone has any smart idea about how to do either one of those, please let me know. I appreciate any and all feedback.
    By the way, I have two locations in mind, both chosen for easy access. One is the altar in my room, and one is the birdbath in my garden. I figure, I can always get to either of these places in a jiffy. Another neat thing is that I will be teaching during some of the observances and my student at that hour can take part.
    Thanks for listening.
    Jenny Holland